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Rain Beau’s End

Rain Beau’s End is a film which takes its politics personally as it explores perception, not just what we see but what we are told that we see. A sensitive and moving exploration of labelling, it is a film which has a starting point in familial longing and tells a battle story with hope and love.”

-Reviews by Judith, Sydney Theatre and Film Reviews

…a wonderfully complex and magnificent motion picture. One that truly encapsulates what the modern American family looks like and how raising one isn’t for the faint of heart. […] this is that rare motion picture, that truly captures the essence of the human experience.”

-John Edward Betancourt, Nerds that Geek

Here is a film that packs all the punches but does so in an intelligent, well thought out, and intricate way that refrains from hitting you all at once and yet leaves no stone unturned by the end of it all. It asks all the right questions and provides answers that are grounded in reality and truth. […] Don’t let this film pass you by.”

-Ping, LesFlicks Reviews

"A tough, honest and unsentimental take on parenting."

– Rotten Tomatoes

"Rain Beau's End is authentic and engrossing."

– Rotten Tomatoes

"Thought-Provoking. Touching. And if it can reduce me to tears, then it definitely did something right."

– The Lady Ships, Film Reviewer

"A brilliant film."

– The Movie Oracle

"A timely and much needed film."

anothermillenia, Film Reviwer


Rain Beau’s End is a film about lesbian adoptive parents with a troubled child.

They’ve fought hard for acceptance in their small town, and now their son’s behavior is by all counts, unacceptable. How will they navigate raising Beau in the spotlight?

Ed Asner as Gunny

Sean Young as Nat

Rain Beau’s End Writer & Producer Jennifer Cooney

“She knows the characters so well that as a director it is illuminating to collaborate with her”

“What I value most about working with writer Jennifer Cooney is her complete and unfaltering commitment to the story. She knows the characters so well that as a director it is illuminating to collaborate with her. On set, her positive energy is contagious –  she is everywhere she needs to be and never in the way. No task is too small or daunting for her to take on. Her positive energy is contagious and everyone on set benefits from it. I would work with her again in a heartbeat.”

– Tracy Wren, Director of Rain Beau’s End 

“Jen is one of the kindest souls I have ever met. She has a way of making every single person feel seen, heard, and special. Her specificity to her craft and storytelling is refreshing and I’m so glad that I got the chance to meet her and even get feedback on my own work. Thank you for being light!”

– Kimani Whitsey, Key PA on Rain Beau’s End

“Jen is the most sincere person that I have met in a long time. Her writing exudes what you don’t see in Hollywood—today a rarity. Her Energy is everything, and I am really in awe of the positivity of her being.”

– Kirk E. Kelleykahn, Supporting Actor in Rain Beau’s End

“She is the epitome of “yes, and” energy and someone you definitely want on your team”

“Jen’s dedication to her craft doesn’t stop on the page, or even on the set. It continues right into post production. Her infectious energy and passion for her work instantly fills the room. She was an indispensable asset to the creative process while editing Rain Beau’s End. I couldn’t have done it without her!”

– Wayne Kumingo, Emmy-Winning Editor

“Jen is truly a bright light – bringing a unique combination of thoughtfulness, enthusiasm, humor, and creativity to her work. Purposeful and playful, artistic and articulate, committed and caring, she was an asset before, during, and after the shoot. She is the epitome of “yes, and” energy and someone you definitely want on your team – whether you’re making a film or playing dodgeball.”

– Janelle Snow, Lead Actress in Rain Beau’s End

“Apart from being an exceptional screenwriter, Jen’s talents extend far beyond the written word. Her keen photographic eye coupled with a strong business sense is quickly moving her into producing and directing her own films, which is the natural progression for an artist and storyteller of her caliber. Whether structuring scenes, characters, and dialogue in solitude, collaborating in a writers room, working the phones, or networking at the Marché in Cannes, Jen is the real deal and an absolute pleasure to work with.”

– Joe Orlandino, Producer of Rain Beau’s End 

“I love working with Jen Cooney.  She is so resourceful on set as a collaborator and a guide, and always finds the energy to focus on what needs to get done, and doesn’t get caught up in stress.  She is very generous with her energy and inspiration and offers a great deal to the atmosphere on set!”

– Amanda Powell, Second Lead Actress on Rain Beau’s End 

“Jen has a beautiful soul that is reflected in her writing and the way she deals with people on and off set.  She is one of the most professional writers I have worked with when it comes to collaborating during a shoot in order to stay true to her story but also accommodate the ever changing film set environment.”

– Jessica Hebda-Lawson, First AD on Rain Beau’s End 

“Given that any sort of production comes with its own challenges and can be chaotic at times, working with Jen Cooney on RBE really was a breath of fresh air. She’s an incredibly passionate and approachable creative – two traits I believe to be contagious and beyond effective in an environment with so many moving parts. I’m stoked to see what the future has in store for Jen and her vision!”

– Samantha Merkle, Production Designer on Rain Beau’s End

“I shared with Jennifer almost a year of work on a very complex and ambitious project. She has a distinct creative spirit and a very clear vision of the narrative. We collaborated on the soundtrack [for Rain Beau’s End] and she was very able to guide and inspire me to always find effective and profound solutions. I hope I can work with her again!”

– Enzo de Rosa, Composer

“You can see all her heart and passion in every word of the script and that is just inspiring”

“Jennifer is the type of person that lights up the room with her smile, warms up your heart with her love and makes your cheeks hurt because it is impossible being next to her without laughing! At least, personally, I can’t! I feel so blessed to have had the pleasure of meeting her and have her in my life now! Working with her was such a blast! I’ve learned so much and I’m sure she didn’t even fathom how much she was teaching me. Her work as a writer is just phenomenal! You can see all her heart and passion in every word of the script and that is just inspiring, to say the least! It makes you wonder what her next projects will be. It leaves you wanting to see more. I can’t wait to see what she’s up next! And I truly hope to work with her again very soon!”

– Alana de Sá, Actor, PA on Rain Beau’s End

“I’ve worked in film production for over 30 years and one of the most important nuggets of wisdom I can share is this, ‘Choose wisely the people with whom you work and associate.’ Working with Jennifer was an exceptionally successful experience. She’s creative, emotionally honest, dedicated, insightful, proactive, positive, indefatigable. Her essence is what every independent film needs!”

– Normann Pokorny, Producer on Rain Beau’s End 

“Jen was absolutely so great to work with! Such amazing, direct communication with transparent goals that made everything an ease. She is also very thorough and has a high attention to detail which made my job all the better!”

– Kyara Bolanos, Sound Designer on Rain Beau’s End