In Production

Winter Jasmine

“As two women fall in love, they discover the disturbing entanglement of their pasts when a murder convict set on revenge is released from prison.”

Winter Jasmine was Optioned by an LA Producer in the first quarter of 2020 with the intention of entering pre-production within the year.

When the cool autumn nights give way to the cold winter frost of an Atlantic Northeast January, nothing much can flourish-except the Winter Jasmine. The colder the autumn, the grander the winter bloom. A perfect symbol for the seemingly disparate stories of a group of people in a small Pennsylvania town, and how the chill of their pasts catalyzes the glory of their present. But can they find the light in all their darkness?

Rain Beau’s End

“After adopting a child with a genetic predisposition for violence, a prominent lesbian couple must contend with their hard-lined stance on acceptance while attempting to raise the perfect family in the spotlight”.

Principle Photography wrapped in March of 2019, and Rain Beau’s End is currently in post-production.

After applying for a job on, Jennifer competed for a job with nearly 200 applicants, some of whom were already produced and many of whom were award-winning screenwriters. But after one discussion with the producer, Joe Orlandino, and a 5 page write up on her vision for the his idea, the job was given to her with enthusiasm. 90 days later, the script was delivered and Joe was thrilled. Jennifer had “given life to the story, built a palpable story world,” and he “could smell the protagonist’s cologne.” Not to mention her adherence to the desired set number and budget. A wonderful collaborative relationship was built, and a creative dream-team was born with the attachment of co-producer, Lucia Mauro. Months later, the illustrious Sean Young was courted for one of the roles. She attached herself to the project with enthusiasm, falling in love with one of Jennifer’s characters. Shortly after, the wonderfully insightful and talented director, Tracy Wren, joined the team. And most recently, the 7-Time Emmy-Winning actor, Ed Asner, joined the cast, along with a myriad of extraordinarily talented TV and stage actors from across the country. Principle Photography took place over the course of March 2019 with an outstanding cast and crew, and the film is currently in post-production.

“Jennifer is a Maestra of story and structure and every script she touches is far better for having been in her hands. A spectacular collaborator, she understands the transformative power and possibility of the medium. Jen is a once-in-a-lifetime talent that will evolve the medium itself.”
Stacy Bannerman, Author, Activist, Screenwriter
“There aren’t many writers I’ve met who can manage being attentive, focused, thoughtful and above all creative all at the same time. Jennifer is one of those rare talents.”
Joe Orlandino, Producer
“Jennifer Cooney ate my screenplay! (And when I got it back it was significantly improved in all kinds of ways, from character and structure to dialogue and action – how did I manage to miss so much?) Best script mastication ever.”
Geoff Dupuy-Holder, Award-Winning Screenwriter, 36-Time Published Author
“Working with Jennifer on rewrites of LOVE IS FREE WILL allowed me to open up my story to new avenues. Not to mention I cannot say enough about her eye for formatting and spelling errors which our mind starts to over look. After her feedback my script began placing in contests. She was and is an invaluable resource.”
Amanda Samaroo, Screenwriter
“She is one of the most balanced individuals I’ve had the pleasure of working with. Jennifer is not only a real human being but a human doing.”
Joe Orlandino, Producer
“Jennifer Cooney is the rare writer who enthusiastically welcomes collaboration, while at the same time maintaining her distinctly individual voice. She’s a pure joy to work with and bounce around fresh ideas and insights. Her characteristic wit, approachability and passionate conviction make the whole experience beyond rejuvenating.”
Lucia Mauro, Writer-Director
“Jen is a dynamite ally on any writing project! She’s one of the most balanced and versatile script doctors I’ve worked with. Her feedback strikes a great equilibrium of her own expectations as a fellow writer, audience member, and reader with a genuine concern for getting into your head to understand the story that YOU want to tell and helping you realize that vision. In terms of story construction, she’s as adept with pointers on shaping the overall structure as with down-and-dirty micro adjustments you can make immediately to straighten out individual scenes. Her personal commitment, as well as her credibility as an accomplished writer in her own right, come through in the fact that her comments simply aren’t a stack of generic, clinical tripe, but have a voice of their own. When Jen and I first worked together, there was a sizable pool of writers in our program to shake down for notes, but for the aforementioned reasons, Jen was someone I went to time and again for critiques that I knew would leave me with something clear and actionable, that would elevate the quality of my screenplay.”
Jason Montgomery, Screenwriter
“She is always a source of fresh ideas, compelling characters, dialogue that grabs you, and settings that make you feel like you’re in the scene. Her enthusiasm for the story manifests itself in the interactions and moods she creates. Her ability and willingness to work closely with directors and producers assists in providing a creative framework that helps develop the film’s mission and target audience.”
Joe Orlandino, Producer