We are in the midst of a Global Awakening.

The frequency of our planet is shifting and the human race is awakening to its potential. We are moving away from blame and victimization and into self-awareness and self-responsibility. We are learning what it truly means to be free, to love, to be Conscious Beings who Know their oneness with All-That-Is. We are facing our inner darkness as opposed to fighting outer darkness, stepping into the love of self and primary identification with our Soul Self.

Our Purpose

This is the future of storytelling. And film is our grandest opportunity to spread—to be—this Truth. We at HalfJack Generation aren’t only here for it, We’re bonafide Way Makers.

Jennifer Cooney is the founder and leader of HalfJack Generation.

As a creative, she is deeply passionate about character-driven stories of inner demons and the courage it takes to transcend them. Her fascination and inspiration are driven by divinity & sexuality, love & truth, freedom & humanity, and finding the field in which they harmoniously co-exist.



Writer + Director +

Producer + Editor



Writer + Director + Producer + Editor

now streaming


Ensemble Drama, 100 min.

“Seven acquaintances get radically honest about their lives.”

Exploring love, lust, and loyalty in a modern world, Wild Fire challenges traditional ideas of desire and commitment as seven acquaintances shine a light on the frightening truths, lies, and secrets in their closest relationships.

Wild Fire premiered at Red Dirt Film Festival in April of 2023, receiving nine total nominations from their Jury—including Best Feature Film—securing two wins. In a ten-month international festival run, the film received 28 total accolades including winning BEST OF FEST at Pride Film Festival, BEST DRAMA FILM at NYC’s Shockfest and Best Drama at Toronto Indie Filmmakers Festival. It was picked up by Gravitas Ventures for North American distribution, and is now available to stream via multiple platforms including Prime Video, Apple TV, Tubi, Roku, Google Play, and many more.

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In production

Windows of Avalon

Feature Film, Psychosexual Romance Thriller

The reality of a sexually-repressed housewife fractures into parallel dimensions when a provocative young woman moves in next door.

FilmFrontier slated to produce Writer/Director Jennifer Cooney's second feature film: Windows of Avalon.


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Feature Film, Romance Drama

A nun losing her religion is ignited by the reappearance of a former student with unshakeable faith and unapologetic sexuality.

Winter Jasmine

Feature Film, Crime Thriller Romance

The disturbing entanglement of their pasts threatens new lovers when a vengeful convict is released from prison.


Feature Film, Queer Holiday Romantic Comedy

When the girl she’s unwittingly catfishing shows up for Christmas, an insecure lesbian must convince her neurotic stepbrother (and his eccentric wife) to keep up the charade over the holiday.

Associate Productions

Rain Beau’s End

Drama, 103 min.

When a prominent lesbian couple adopts a problem child in the 90s, his diagnosed predisposition for violence threatens their hard-won acceptance in suburbia.”


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