MAKE IT: The Indie Film Podcast

Jennifer Cooney joins Chris and Nick to discuss her directorial debut Wild Fire and explore themes of radical honesty and inner darkness. They delve into Cooney's creative process and vision, as well as her journey as an independent filmmaker in Pennsylvania.

The Power of The Storyteller

With great power comes great...what is it again? HalfJack Generation Founder, Jennifer Cooney, discusses what it means to be a Conscious Storyteller.

Make Your Sh*t Podcast

Host, Kyle Andrews, chats with Writer + Director, Jennifer Cooney, about her rather poetic approach to the film industry, making your limitations work for you, and how clipping the mother leaf can help you get where you're going.

A Reel Page Turner

Writer+Director+Producer, Jennifer Cooney discusses her current project *Wild Fire*, plus real-talk about all the changes a story undergoes from concept to screen.

Film Inquiry Interview

Film Inquiry: Rain Beau's End writer Jennifer Cooney and director Tracy Wren discuss bold choices in their film including 47,XYY, lesbian adoptive parents, and not showing their titular character [ARTICLE] March 11, 2021

The Neil Haley Show Interview

The Neil Haley Show: Rain Beau’s End writer Jennifer Cooney and director Tracy Wren discuss adoptive parents, being a caretaker, and other major issues their film addresses. [AUDIO] March 9, 2021

Outtake Voices Interview

Outtake Voices: Charlotte Robinson talks with screenwriter Jennifer Cooney about what she hopes to accomplish with “Rain Beau's End” and her spin on our LGBTQ issues. [AUDIO] March 7, 2021

Bill and Dave’s Excellent Podcast Interview

Bill and Dave's Excellent Podcast: "Rain Beau's End" writer Jennifer Cooney and director Tracy Wren drop in to discuss their new film. We talk about the amazing cast like Sean Young, Ed Asner, Christian Stolte, filming in Chicago, how they utilized some amazing local talent and so much more! [AUDIO] March 5, 2021

Bionic Buzz: Bionic Buzz® Interview

Bionic Buzz: Bionic Buzz® got to interview writer Jennifer Cooney and director Tracy Wren from the film RAIN BEAU’S END. We talked to them about where their passion for storytelling/filmmaking came from and their journey making this wonderful film. [VIDEO] March 2, 2021

Coverfly Interview

Coverfly Interview: Screenwriter Jennifer Cooney discusses how listing her script on Coverfly landed her representation, OWAs, and optioning her spec script [ARTICLE] June 18, 2019